Oils and Fats

Specific Tests Performed

Phosphorus content

Pungency (AllylIsoThioCynate)

p-Anasidine value

Totox Value

Titre test

Insoluble impurities


Presence of sesame oil (Baudouins test)

Presence of Cottonseed (Halphen Test)

Presence of castor oil (Amoonium Molybdate)

Bellier Turbidity test

Argemone oil

Hydrocyanic Acid

Presence of linseed oil (Hexabromide test)

Presence of Neem oil

Bleachibility of oil

Tocopherol content

Gama Oryzanol

DOBI value in Palm Oil

Carotene Content in palm oil

Mono Glyceride content in oil

Di Glyceride content in oil

Tri Glyceride content in oil


Chlorophyll content

Oxidative Stability

Gardener Color

Hydroxyl Value

Conjugated Dienes & Trienes

Calorific Value

Vitamin A

Fatty Acid Profile, % by wt. (C4-C24)

Free Fatty Acid % by wt.

Moisture Content,% by wt.

Iodine Value, wij’s

Saponification Value

Peroxide Value, meq/kg

Refractive Index

Colour (Lovibond)

Melting Point, °C

Cloud Point, °C

Specific Gravity at 30 °C

Unsaponifiable Matter, % by wt.


Mineral Oil

Artificial Colour

Flash Point °C

Butyro-Refractrometer Reading @ 40oC

Polenske Value

Wax Content

MCPD Content

GE Content

Vitamin E

Vitamin D



Oil Seeds & Allied Products

Specific Tests Performed

Moisture Content

Crude Protein

Urea Nitrogen

Crude Fat

Crude Fiber

Total Ash

Acid Insoluble Ash

Extraneous Matter

Foreign Matter

Heated & damaged seed